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Original Finish

Cabinet restoration is when we do a cleaning and degreasing of the existing finish, light sand of the existing finish topical touchup and stain adjusting (color is to remain as original) and recoating of the cabinets with a sprayed on finish that is compatible with the original finish.

Change Color

Another option of RESTORATION is one that Avalante offers and has been performing for over 20 years is less costly then refinishing or replacement of cabinets. This option is great if you want to change the color of your cabinets we can make them darker or lighter. This can be done if you are just wanting to change the color without doing extensive remodeling or if you are doing the extensive remodeling this will save you money. Avalante has developed a procedure where we can go over your existing finish without having to strip them of the old finish. (Avalante performs a test to make sure that our material is compatible with the existing finish on your cabinets) There are several different ways we do this it all depends on what we final look we are trying to achieve as well as the type of wood your cabinets are made of.


Is the traditional way of stripping your cabinets of the old finish down to bare wood and applying new stain and clear coat finish. We do not recommend this procedure if you have white wash cabinets as we will never be able to get all the white pigment from the wood which will cause blotchy spots in the finish, all other finishes are acceptable for stripping. This is the most costly procedure of all our options and we will give you an honest evaluation if it’s worth doing to your cabinets.


We offer all of the same options listed above to be used on furniture.

Refinishing & Restoration

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All Done!  Refinished to match existing!

Before: Water Damaged desk. Special Finish or Crackle coating has been removed due to flower pot leaking.

Working: After strip Base Coated.

Working: Damaged Desk in the shop starting to strip old finish.

For Customers looking for options and/ or to save money in their remodeling projects Avalante has several different ways to help. When a customer contacts us we ask questions, the answers help us to direct the customer in the right direction and hopefully save money.

Take a picture of the item to be refinished and email it to us at  Info@Avalante.net or Text the picture to             702-379-1241. We will need measurements and as much information as you can provide. We will call you back - so be sure to leave a phone number so we can discuss with you.